We are a creative fun loving studio that care about the future of the web

Devise was founded in 2014 as a design and technology company based in Galway, Ireland. We have the belief that intuitive and engaging consumer experiences will help move technology forward and evolve. We are a production company that creates our own vision. We develop insightful concepts rooted in user computer interaction and the digital space. We turn those insights into beautifully crafted applications that run on many devices. The experiences we create are both on and offline and when we work as a team we deliver high-end solutions to our clients. This increases a clients brand reach and standing in the marketplace. Below you will find out more about our processes and the people we work with.

We specialise in making websites for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from all over Ireland and abroad. If you need a website built from scratch or a redesign for your business feel free to contact us with your proposal. We will deliver a fast, responsive and beautifully crafted website for your needs.


Here at Devise we will work together to provide you with the best web design for your business. Once you get in contact with us we will send you a form to get an idea of the project at hand. Things will start to snowball and soon you will have a site that you can call your own. We design WordPress templates from scratch to give you a unique site that is customised to your liking. Every aspect of the design is carefully worked on with love and dedication. Our clients are diverse with many different needs, be it a full scale e-commerce platform, or a simple, beautifully designed, five page website, we can deliver all of them.


If you need a website designed please contact us at info@devise.ie and we will start on our collaborative journey.